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Our affordable Tacoma DUI attorneys have decades of combined experience dealing with WA drunk driving cases. By resolving hundreds of them every year, we are confident that yours can also be attacked to some degree. Keep in mind that much will depend on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the nature of the police reports, but we always focus on the primary goal of resolving your case in the most beneficial way possible.

A Tacoma DUI is not an insurmountable catastrophe, so you need to remember that things will get better. Don’t allow this upheaval in your life keep you from taking action now that will protect your future interests. Our Tacoma DUI lawyers have the qualifications, skills, and experience to defend your legal rights and ensure you are fairly treated. Call us today!

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Our criminal defense attorneys will defend your legal rights.

An arrest for a Washington State drunk driving crime is a life-altering experience and can leave you feeling humiliated, embarrassed, and wondering what challenges your future may hold. Most people facing a DUI charge in Tacoma have previously never had a run-in with the police, much less know what a courtroom looks like. Many drivers facing charges stemming from a WA driving crime are honest, hard-working people who find themselves unprepared for the emotional upheaval and devastating aftermath of a Tacoma DUI arrest.

If you were recently arrested for drunk driving, our Tacoma DUI attorneys understand the turmoil that you’re going through. We handle hundreds of cases just like yours every year, all over Western Washington, and we routinely see how physically and emotionally draining the whole nightmare can be.

We offer this advice; “You are NOT a criminal.”

Many of the good people of Tacoma we represent simply made an error in judgment, and some even express that there was no legitimate reason for them to be arrested in the first place.

Our Tacoma DUI lawyers will listen to your side of the story, and defend your legal rights. You are undoubtedly facing a great deal of pressure after your Tacoma DUI arrest. Take our word for it; attempting to represent yourself will likely lead to more unwanted stress because these efforts are usually unsuccessful. When you retain one of our experienced Tacoma DUI attorneys, you place the burden of dealing with the prosecutor and court squarely on the shoulders of our experienced legal professionals.

tacoma dui criminal defense-lawyers
Consider this – if your car were to break down today, you would likely take it to an experienced Tacoma mechanic. When dealing with the very real possibility of a criminal conviction, hiring a Tacoma legal professional is even more important because your entire life from that point forward will likely be affected. Only a qualified litigator with real-world experience, and an in-depth understanding of Washington DUI law, will give you the best chance of successfully resolving your case. Our Tacoma DUI lawyers are experienced legal professionals that will aggressively defend your rights, and deal with the Washington court on your behalf.

Experience is often the fine line between success and failure. This is especially true when dealing with Washington drunk driving law, relative to the circumstances of your Tacoma DUI. Navigating the court system’s legal waters takes a combination of dedication, knowledge, experience, and legal finesse. Negotiations with the prosecutor are often aided by familiarity and professional courtesy. Investigating a Tacoma DUI case is never easy, but the process is streamlined because we’ve done it for so long and understand how a successful defense is constructed.

Puyallup, WA Municipal Court
Municipal court criminal defense lawyers serving all of Pierce County.

Our Tacoma DUI criminal defense lawyers handle all drunk driving legal matters in every Pierce County municipal court. Below is a list of some of the municipal courts and links to useful information should you have any questions regarding your case:

The Tacoma drunk driving attorneys from our law firm provide strong legal defense for criminal DUI cases in all State / municipal courts throughout the Pierce County area. We bring decades of combined legal experience to the table in handling all Pierce County Municipal Court drunk driving related charges including: Minor DUIs, physical control, reckless driving, pot and drug dui crimes and more. With the hundreds of successfully handled DUI cases we’ve challenged, our Tacoma DUI lawyers will also provide you with the same tough, dedicated defense you need in a time like this. Especially when you very freedom and driving privileges are on the line.

While our firm services all of western Washington, here are just a few cities in Pierce County our municipal court dui attorneys handle cases for:

Pierce County drunk driving DUI penalties and your future.

Our Tacoma DUI attorneys will first help you by explaining the penalties you are facing. After identifying the obstacles in your way, we can then seek to mitigate them. The goal will be keep you out of jail and validly licensed to drive.

We will also address the emotional strain incurred by a Tacoma DUI. This unforeseen stress and worry can cause problems in your personal life, at work, and even with your loved ones. By focusing on minimizing your penalties, while creating a sound legal DUI defense, we act as a barrier between you and the state.

The mandatory penalties for a DUI conviction in Washington include fines of up to $5,000 and 364 days in a Tacoma jail. A Tacoma DUI conviction will trigger a mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension, and you will have to obtain expensive SR-22 (high risk) auto insurance and keep it for three years.

A judge may also impose discretionary penalties including alcohol and drug counseling classes, or the required installation of an interlock ignition device on your automobile. Lastly, and most importantly, a Tacoma DUI conviction will mean that you suddenly possess a criminal record.

Different drunk driving crimes incur different sets of penalties, if convicted of the crime. When you first examine the penalties incurred for a Tacoma minor DUI conviction, they seem less severe than others, but you must consider that a criminal record could affect a young person’s ability to get a good job just as they are getting started in the professional world.

Our team of dedicated Tacoma DUI lawyers understand that every drunk driving case is of the utmost importance to our clients, and we will treat your case with the urgency and seriousness it demands. Your future security may depend on the actions you take right now, because we need time to work with you in building a case. Talk to one of our Tacoma DUI attorneys without delay, because the prosecution won’t wait for you to act. Call us immediately and let us get started on the process of defending your rights, mitigating your penalties, and representing your interests.

affordable Tacoma DUI attorneys

Our affordable Tacoma DUI attorneys will build an aggressive defense.

Now that you understand how DUI penalties can have a devastating effect on your life, you probably would like to know how our Tacoma DUI attorneys work to mitigate the ramifications of these penalties.

If this is your first DUI arrest, you will have to arrange a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) and appear in court. At your DOL hearing you will be responsible for your own defense, and the fate of your driver’s license will be determined. With only 7 days from the time of your Tacoma DUI arrest to request this all-important hearing, there is little time to lose. For this reason, it’s vital that you talk to one of our Tacoma DUI lawyers as soon as possible.

Our Tacoma DUI attorneys need adequate time to build an aggressive defense strategy, because a great deal of legwork and investigating must be done. We collect all pertinent evidence to create a criminal defense that we then present to the prosecutor and court, so getting a quick start is obviously advantageous.

One of the first places our Tacoma DUI lawyers look when building a defense strategy is at the police reports relative to your arrest. Inconsistencies or errors in these reports may be useful as we seek to establish as fact your version of the events. At times, the information we uncover in these reports can even lead to a case being dismissed.

For example, if you were pulled over without just cause, and this is evident in the police report, then we have some solid evidence that we can offer to the court for consideration. If the blood-alcohol measuring device used to determine your level of intoxication in Tacoma was not calibrated according to legal specifications, or if the device’s records were out of date when you were arrested, then it may be possible to successfully suppress this evidence at your Tacoma DUI evidentiary hearing.

Minimizing your DUI penalties is always the primary goal of our Tacoma DUI attorneys. We want to keep you validly licensed to drive and out of jail, so we aggressively protect your interests when faced with Tacoma DUI charges.

Why choose our criminal defense lawyers?

With stakes this high, your choice of Washington drunk driving lawyer is obviously quite important. You will be best served by a DUI attorney that you can trust to act as an advocate for your character in court, while compassionately addressing the needs of you and your family. Your Tacoma lawyer should also work tirelessly in an effort to get you the best end result legally possible – and this is something that requires real dedication.

Our Tacoma DUI attorneys treat every case as though it were their own, and will readily address your needs and concerns. Your situation deserves a focus and strategy that is wholly your own, because no two DUI cases in Tacoma are ever exactly alike. Dealing with the prosecutor and court in a Tacoma DUI case is an emotionally charged experience that can leave you drained. It is the job of your lawyer to care about you, and the outcome.

Our team of qualified Tacoma DUI lawyers have decades of combined experience dealing with Washington law, the court, the judges, and the prosecutors. This kind of experience cannot be manufactured and only comes with time and hard work. When you want to have your side of the story heard by the court, there is absolutely no substitute. Our lawyers will ensure that you are always treated fairly, in accordance with Washington DUI law.
Get a free consultation concerning your WA drunk driving crime.
Hopefully you now are equipped with some information that will help you better understand your situation. Take the next step and start getting answers about your particular Tacoma DUI. Our Tacoma DUI attorneys offer a free case evaluation, which is a risk free way for you to start getting some reliable answers. After which you may then freely choose how you would like to handle your DUI case, and who you would like fighting on your behalf.

If you retain one of our Tacoma DUI lawyers, they will work hard from day-one to make sure everything legally possible is being done to protect your interests with the court, always at your side when you need it most.

You need to be prepared BEFORE your DOL hearing, so contact us today and take the first step toward resolving your Tacoma DUI case.

Affordable, aggressive DUI defense.

At The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe, we want to impress upon you how important it is that an arrest for a Tacoma DUI does not equal a conviction. With skilled representation we make affordable with our low flat fees, it is easy for you to get the strong defense required to challenge your offense. For decades now, our skilled Tacoma DUI attorneys have fought for their clients to avoid jail time, remain validly licensed to drive, and get their drunk driving charges reduced and dismissed.

If you, a family member, or perhaps someone that you care about is facing a Pierce County drunk driving related charge, it is quite common to feel astronomical levels of anxiety. This is understandable, as being able to drive has a huge impact on maintaining a sense of normalcy with one’s daily routine. If you feel overwhelmed and need help understanding your options and legal rights, don’t hesitate to contact one of the experienced Pierce County DUI attorneys from our firm today. We will your concerns and address some of the most common questions we get asked such as:

  • Will I have to go to prison?
  • Can my DUI arrest suspend my license to drive legally?
  • If I am charged with drunk driving, can my employer fire me?
  • How long does it typically take for a DUI to get resolved?
  • Will I have to attend court?
  • Can I contest my WA DOL license suspension?
  • How expensive is a DUI attorney?
  • Can I get a free dui case evaluation?
  • If I retain your legal services, can you take installments or work out a payment plan so that my legal defense is more affordable?

All DUI criminal charges can be challenged.

With a free initial case evaluation, calling into our law firm will help you get the answers you’re looking for fast. With well over 500 drunk driving related cases challenged all throughout western Washington, our DUI attorneys have yet to run into a flawless police report. What this should signify to you is that your case can be challenged too.

Knowing that you have a skilled Tacoma drunk driving lawyer working on building you a strong defensive strategy will aid in easing the anxiety that’s often experienced after a DUI arrest. With how devastating the ramifications can be if you are convicted, there is absolutely no reason to confront your criminal charges without help. We understand how you may feel that life is turned completely upside down. Getting criminally charged with driving under the influence can happen to just about anyone. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help – speak with a Tacoma DUI defense attorney today

Pierce County DUI lawyers dedicated to serving those charged or accused wrongfully of drunk driving.

Our dedicated team is here to put their decades of experience fighting drunk driving related charges to work for you. The experience we’ve gained from working on complex DUI cases all throughout the state of Washington has provided us with the skills necessary to successfully challenge any alcohol-related charges. Aggressive and skilled at negotiating, we are well acquainted with the courtroom and are not timid about taking your case to trial if necessary.

Here are just some of the criminal charges that our experienced Pierce County drunk driving defense lawyers can help you fight:

  • DWI/DUI/drunk driving
  • BUI (boating under the influence)
  • Minor DUI
  • Racing and reckless driving
  • Negligent criminal charges
  • Physical control
  • Felony DUI
  • Pot and drug DUI charges

If you have been charged or arrested for any of the above, it is highly recommended that you consult with our Tacoma DUI attorneys without delay. The drunk driving laws governed by the State of Washington can be quite severe, and without strong legal representation knowledgeable in these laws, you could be potentially forfeiting the very rights that could otherwise help protect you.

Pierce County DUI lawyers protecting your legal rights
Making the decision to retain our legal services will ensure that we are by your side throughout the entire process. From filing your paperwork on time, making preparations for your DOL hearing to protect your privilege to drive, to fighting for you in court – we will be aggressively defending your rights until your case is finalized. We will do everything within our legal power to prevent you from jail time, having your driver’s license suspended and being slapped with the steep fines that WA State DUI laws can impose.

Protecting your legal rights with our affordable payment plans and low flat fees.

We realize that finances are often times an issue when it comes to making the decision to hire an attorney to challenge your DUI charge. At our law firm, we offer all our clients affordable low flat fees and payment plans that are workable for just about anyone’s budget. If you retain our legal services, we will step between you and the state and work to keep you from getting run over by the system. Curious about just how tough the emphasis on drunk driving prosecution is these days? Simply watch the evening news to get an idea… And, there definitely is no exception for Pierce County.

While there no full guarantees regarding the outcome of your criminal charge, our Pierce County DUI law firm promises that everything will be done within our legal means to achieve the successful outcome you’re after. The cost that comes with retaining a skilled Tacoma DUI attorney to challenge your DWI/DUI charge is small in comparison to the possible loss of your freedom and privilege to drive.

Many of the deciding factors why our clients decide to hire the experienced Tacoma DUI lawyers from our firm include:

  • The decades of experience we share in handling DUI cases throughout Washington State.
  • The aggressive defense strategies we employ to keep our clients legally driving and get their DUI charge reduced and dismissed.
  • The dedication our law firm has when it comes to understanding your needs, answering your questions and protecting your rights.

Take action with the help of our Tacoma DUI attorneys.

With a free consultation, you can determine what your next steps are and become more proactive in putting this DUI nightmare in your past. Whether it’s your first DWI/DUI charge or if there are multiple charges that you’re facing, our Tacoma drunk driving attorneys are here to deliver the guidance, expertise and the support you require to challenge your DUI criminal charge.
DUI laws in Washington State are severe.

The Pierce County DUI lawyers from our law offices are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Washington State law. We are intimately familiar with local procedures in the Pierce County court system and have a strong grasp on how prosecutors will tend to use the “facts” surrounding your case. While it may be that most charges for driving under the influence of intoxicants in Pierce County are determined to be gross misdemeanors (as opposed to felonies), any knowledgeable Tacoma drunk driving attorney will inform you that Washington State DUI laws are considered a complicated area of WA State criminal law. The penalties, if convicted can be severe.

At a glance, here is what you could be facing as a minimum:

  • Time spent in jail.
  • 90 day suspension of your privilege to drive.
  • Requirement to receive a alcohol/drug evaluation.
  • Requirement to participate in any recommended treatment programs.
  • Requirement to install an ignition interlock device into any personal vehicle you operate for a minimum of a year.
  • Requirement of high-risk auto insurance for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Victim Impact Panel participation.
  • Requirement to pay up on expensive fines, assessments and costs.
  • Probation of 5 years.

While it’s true that Washington State’s DUI laws are tough, we will use our knowledge of them to protect your rights. Our Tacoma DUI attorneys realize you have questions and may be feeling that your Pierce County drunk driving case is not defensible. This simply is not true, and is extremely uncommon that after evaluating a case for there not to be some important details beneficial to the charge being reduced or dismissed altogether.

With time also being a critical factor in being able to successfully plan a solid defensive strategy, we urge you to contact us right away. Once you’re arrested / charged, you have a short 7 days to challenge your WA State DOL suspension. If you don’t follow through in a timely fashion, driver’s license suspension is almost a certainty (90 days minimum up to 1 year with a first offense).

Fight your Pierce County DUI – call for your FREE case consultation!

Allow us to help you challenge this complex DUI nightmare. Forfeiting your legal rights without a fight is surely not recommended and often regretted by those that forego it alone without strong legal representation. Don’t let your Pierce County DUI take a toll on your family life, finances or your career. Call today for a free consultation and allow our Tacoma drunk driving attorneys to properly analyze and review your case.

Conveniently situated in beautiful downtown Tacoma, our law offices serve all cities in Pierce County including: University Place, Puyallup, Fife, Bonney Lake, Sumner, Lakewood, Milton, Dupont, Steilacoom, Edgewood, and Pacific.

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