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Defending drivers arrested or charged with traffic crimes in Pierce County, WA.

Have you been charged with reckless driving in Tacoma? If so, you are facing serious charges that could have lasting repercussions on your life. The penalties for this criminal offense are often underestimated by many, but a conviction will incur a mandatory 30-day license suspension. A judge may also impose discretionary penalties of up 364 days in jail and $5,000 in fines, something that few people have the time or money to handle.

Our Tacoma reckless driving lawyers are experienced professionals that want to help you deal with these serious charges. Fortunately, there are issues with some Tacoma reckless driving cases that can be used to challenge the validity of the charges. Much depends on the police reports and other variables specific to your case, but a qualified professional has all of the tools needed to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accusation.

After being charged with reckless driving in Tacoma, most drivers simply want to keep their license, stay out of jail, and minimize their fine. These are the same goals that our Tacoma reckless driving lawyers focus on, because they understand how detrimental a conviction can be.

Our Tacoma reckless driving attorneys will help you better understand Washington’s “Habitual Traffic” offender laws. These laws reveal that if you get three hits against your license in a five-year period, you are subject to a seven-year license revocation. A reckless driving conviction counts as one.

When you retain one of our Tacoma reckless driving lawyers, much of the emotional strain of dealing with a criminal charge is alleviated. You can also be confident that your legal rights are being protected every step of the way.

Our Tacoma reckless driving attorneys are experienced.

A reckless driving charge in Tacoma is described as a “…willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property….” What exactly does this mean for you?

With decades of combined experience defending drivers arrested or charged with traffic crimes in Pierce County, WA, our team of legal professionals is ready to help you take the next step. No matter what the reason, you can contact one of our Tacoma reckless driving attorneys today for a free case evaluation without any obligation. Get some reliable information about your Tacoma reckless driving charge without any risk whatsoever, and then you will be armed with the information you need to make a sound decision about how to deal with your charges.

There are occasions where people are charged with reckless driving even though they have done nothing to break the law. If you feel like a police officer misrepresented what he observed in your case, then one of our Tacoma reckless driving lawyers will take steps to protect your legal rights and voice your side of the story. Our focus is to do everything legally possible to assist you throughout this difficult time in your life.

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Contact us today and we will arrange a free consultation with one of our dedicated Tacoma legal professionals. Don’t let a reckless driving charge in Washington damage your driving record and make your insurance premiums skyrocket. Let us help you explore your legal options.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.

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