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Pierce County DUI Lawyers

Pierce County DUI Lawyers

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Aggressive defense for drunk driving in Pierce County.

If you have been recently arrested and charged with a drunk driving related charge in Pierce County, we can’t stress enough how vitally important it is for you to attain legal counsel that will aggressively defend your legal rights in court. Why? There is so much at stake – rights and privileges you can lose that may result in a downward spiral to life as you know it. For instance, if your driver’s license is suspended, how will you go about your daily activities which may include going to and from work, or transporting the kids to school? What about the incredible strain that your loved ones may experience, especially if a DUI conviction incurs expensive fines that you are unable to afford?

If your Pierce County DUI charges result in a conviction, you will at minimum be facing:

  1. Jail time.
  2. Suspension of your driver’s license.
  3. Evaluations for alcohol, treatment follow up and mandatory participation in a Victim Impact Panel course.
  4. An installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle and expensive SR-22 Insurance to reinstate your privilege to drive.
  5. $1,000 or higher expensive costs, fines and assessment fees.

Experience matters – our Tacoma, WA criminal attorneys are here to help.

Most of our clients come to us frightened and not knowing what to expect after their Pierce County DUI arrest. Commonly, worry over their employment being in jeopardy with the attainment of a criminal record is a paramount issue of concern. Our Tacoma, WA criminal attorneys can certainly empathize with any anxiety you may be feeling. Our experience over the decades in successfully handling drunk driving crimes throughout Pierce County will help get you on the right track to tackling your DUI charge head on so that you can put your fears to rest.

So why does experience matter so much when selecting a legal professional to represent you? Because having skilled Tacoma, WA criminal attorneys intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Washington State drunk driving law will give you a strategic advantage in building an aggressive defense. An aggressive DUI defense will also help ensure that your legal rights are being upheld, and that you are not being trampled underfoot by the prosecution. While no reputable law firm will give you a complete guaranteed outcome, at least you’ll know that you are giving yourself the most favorable odds of getting your DUI case dismissed or reduced. Allow our expertise of Washington State drunk driving law go to work for you – contact us today for non obligatory case consultation. Our Pierce County DUI lawyers will work diligently to enable you to stay validly licensed to drive, and keep you out of prison.

Affordable, flexible payment plans plus a FREE phone consultation.

At the law offices of Jason S. Newcombe, we’ve made retaining experienced, aggressive defense for your drunk driving related charge in Pierce County as easy as possible. We offer low affordable fees and flexible payment plans that are workable for just about anyone’s pocket book. Be sure to inquire about them when you give our Pierce County DUI lawyers a call for your free case evaluation. Start getting answers and the personal attention that your DUI case deserves today.

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District court – Pierce County.

Chances are, if you’ve been charged and arrested for drunk driving here in Pierce County by a Pierce County Sherriff or a WA State trooper, your DUI / DWI case will be filled within the district court for Pierce County. We can help you search your case online if you’ve got questions regarding if your DUI / DWI arrest resulted in a criminal charge. Optionally, you are able to inquire directly with the information provided below:

Pierce County District Court
930 Tacoma Ave S, Room #601
Tacoma WA 98402

Phone: (253) 798-7487
Automated Info Line: (253) 798-7487

Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
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