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What a WA State drunk driving conviction can mean for you.

Being arrested for a DUI in Tacoma is humiliating , but it’s nothing compared to the devastating effects of the punishments a conviction will incur. Each Washington State drunk driving offense has its own set of penalties, the severity of which is determined by the corresponding crime. Your Tacoma DUI attorney’s first order of business is to defend your interests and act a barrier between you and the state, while working to minimize your penalties in whatever way possible.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI crime, you need to speak with one of our Tacoma attorneys to find out which Washington State DUI penalties you may be facing. Building a defense strategy starts by breaking down the law and how it applies to your specific Washington DUI case. If you fail to address the problem quickly, the penalties Washington law imposes are swift, severe, and maybe even life-altering.

Washington State DUI penalties -just the facts.

Depending on which Tacoma drunk driving crime you are accused of, the Washington DUI penalties a conviction will incur can be either mandatory or discretionary. Most WA drunk driving convictions include jail time as a penalty, but this is not always the case. We understand that everyone wants to stay OUT of jail, so one of our highest priorities is to fight for your freedom.

Your first Washington DUI conviction could land you behind bars for up to 364 days, and a jail sentence is mandatory. Drivers convicted of a Tacoma DUI will also face Washington DUI penalties that mandate expensive fines that can cost you thousands of dollars. If you are unable to pay the fine associated with your DUI conviction, you could face other penalties or even a longer jail sentence.

Another mandatory penalty included with a Tacoma drunk driving conviction is a driver’s license suspension. Most Washington residents quickly discover that life is far more complicated when they suddenly aren’t allowed to drive. The term of a driver’s license suspension in Washington will vary, depending on the particular offense committed. When the driver’s license is reinstated, SR-22 insurance, also called high risk auto insurance, will have to be maintained by the driver for three years.

A DUI conviction is particularly devastating because the guilty party suddenly acquires a criminal record, something that can damage anyone’s life in dramatic ways. However, for young people charged with a minor DUI, it can hinder their ability to get a good job in the future, making it potentially even more devastating.

There are a number of other Washington DUI penalties outlined by the law that can be enforced by a judge. Our Tacoma DUI lawyers will aggressively defend your interests with the court, using every tool at their disposal in an effort to mitigate your penalties and get your life back on track.

What we can do to resolve your Tacoma DUI case and minimize your penalties.

When you’re arrested for a Tacoma DUI, your reputation is at stake. Your freedom is also jeopardized, as are your driving privileges, and possibly even your job. With stakes this high, it is vital that you act to minimize Washington State DUI penalties with professional guidance from a qualified litigator with real-world experience.

Our Tacoma DUI attorneys offer a free case evaluation, so that you can start getting some concrete information about the penalties you’re facing. We will focus on answering your questions and talk about ways we might mitigate your penalties, while providing you with information about Washington DUI law.
Don’t let the relentless pursuit of the Washington court and prosecutor’s office prevent you from acting in your own best interests – start fighting back today with help from our qualified Tacoma DUI lawyers.

Mandatory minimum DUI sentencing laws.

As already indicated, the penalties associated with a WA State drunk driving conviction can be incredibly severe. This is even more so if you’ve had another DUI offense just within the past 7 years. If convicted of a drunk driving crime in Washington State, certain mandatory minimums are required to be imposed.

If you find yourself in a situation where this is your 2nd or even 3rd conviction within a 7-year span, the mandatory minimums increase exponentially. To name a few, you will face a mandatory jail sentence, driver’s license suspension, and a requirement to participate in an alcohol assessment/evaluation in which you must follow through with any recommended treatments. Additionally, you will be obligated to attend an educational seminar (Victim Impact Panel) that addresses the repercussions and hazards of drunk driving.

Contact the law offices of Tacoma criminal attorney, Jason S. Newcombe for a FREE case evaluation.

The Tacoma criminal attorneys from our team are here to help you mitigate, reduce and eliminate the DUI penalties you face as much as possible. We will put our decades of experience to work for you so that you can move on with your life and put this DUI nightmare behind you. Connect with a knowledgeable Tacoma DUI lawyer today for a FREE case evaluation.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.

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A DUI conviction will result in harsh penalties. Washington State’s drunk driving laws require mandatory jail and a mandatory license suspension. Contact us for help today.
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