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Negligent driving charges in Tacoma, WA should never be underestimated.

Washington State laws dealing with traffic and criminal violations are some of the most punishing in the US. Cases involving negligent driving in Tacoma can be especially challenging, because there are two separate and distinct charges relative to this one offense. Each charge incurs its own penalties according to the law, some more severe than others, but both deserve to be treated with the utmost seriousness.

First degree and second degree negligent driving.

First degree negligent driving is the most serious of the two potential charges. If your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit when pulled over by an officer, you can still be charged for Tacoma negligent driving in the first degree. A conviction could incur penalties that include expensive fines and insurance premiums that skyrocket.

So, you may not be physically impaired or intoxicated in any way and still face charges for Tacoma negligent driving in the first degree. For this reason, it makes sense to talk to one of our Tacoma negligent driving attorneys about your case, because this charge is sometimes based solely on the discretion of one police officer who may have made a mistake.

Second degree negligent driving is not a criminal offense, but is still one of the most serious traffic infractions a Tacoma driver will ever face. If a police officer perceives you driving in a way that endangers people or property, then you may be cited for this serious infraction. This, too, will likely lead to auto insurance rates that are far more expensive than you currently pay.

Maintaining a clean driving record is important to many of our clients. If you want to protect yours, then you should talk to one of our Tacoma negligent driving lawyers today and find out if they can help you fight your traffic ticket or negligent driving charge.

Our Tacoma negligent driving attorneys use the law to protect your interests.

Whether you feel like you were cited for negligent driving in Tacoma without merit, or you want to mitigate the penalties associated with the offense, understanding the law and how it affects you is of the utmost importance. Negligent driving in Washington State is charged at the discretion of a police officer, so there may be avenues of defense with the potential to have your case dismissed or the penalties reduced. There are never any guarantees, but when compared to the high costs of a conviction, defending your own interests makes good sense.

Traffic ticket and traffic crimes defense in Pierce County, WA.

For decades our Tacoma negligent driving lawyers have collectively defended Washington residents from the adverse effects of a negligent driving charge, whether it be first or second degree. We are ready to put our knowledge of Washington law to work for you, creating an aggressive defense strategy designed to resolve your case expeditiously.

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Before making any decisions, you would probably like to talk to a legal professional without risk or monetary obligation. Our Tacoma negligent driving attorneys offer a free case evaluation, so that you can get some facts based on the law before acting without proper legal guidance.

If you choose one of our Tacoma negligent driving lawyers to represent your interests, they will do everything legally possible to ensure that your rights are protected while defending you against a potentially devastating negligent driving charge. Call the law offices of criminal attorney, Jason S. Newcombe today.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
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