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Street racing in Tacoma is a serious offense, and if you’re caught and convicted you could find yourself in big trouble. This crime is essentially classified as reckless driving according to Washington DUI law, and a conviction will incur a driver’s license suspension and possible jail time. In fact, a Tacoma racing conviction puts into motion a mandatory 30-day loss of driving privileges, and discretionary penalties of up to $5,000 in fines and 364 days of jail time.

Our Tacoma racing attorneys are experienced legal professionals that will help you build an aggressive defense strategy designed to minimize your penalties, so that you can move forward with your life as quickly as possible. On occasion, a Tacoma racing charge is accompanied by another WA drunk driving crime, and in these cases legal representation by an attorney is essential.

The definition of “drag racing” in Tacoma is two vehicles engaged in a relative contest of speed. Similar to reckless driving, the law describes racing in Tacoma as a driver showing a wonton disregard for both person and property.

Our experienced Tacoma racing lawyers will protect your legal rights, and this is vital if you feel like you were charged for this crime unfairly, or if you’re hoping that the penalties can be mitigated in some way. Our Tacoma racing attorneys believe that drag racing charges can almost always be fought to some degree, but we must consider the police reports and other factors when dealing with the court.

Because a racing charge in Washington is potentially severe, it is a good idea to talk to one of our Tacoma racing lawyers as quickly as possible. Your driving privileges and your freedom are at stake, so don’t take any chances with your future or that of your family. Our Tacoma racing lawyers have decades of combined legal experience, handling racing cases and WA drunk driving crimes. We are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Questions? The Tacoma racing attorneys at the offices of criminal attorney, Jason S. Newcombe have answers.

When our legal professionals handle a case, they fight to minimize the penalties associated with the offense. Drag racing is no different. We believe that resolving a case hinges on hard work, including an investigation of the facts with the goal of finding issues that could constitute a sound legal defense.

A Tacoma racing charge can cause a great deal of worry, because there is no way to know how the whole thing will work out. While some things are out of your control, you can control the timeliness of your response, so it’s vital that you talk to one of our Tacoma racing lawyers right now. By doing so you never have to worry about missing any filing deadlines or important court dates.

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Take advantage of a cost-free consultation with one of our Tacoma racing attorneys, without any obligation. Get some reliable information right now, so that you can take a proactive role in resolving your racing case and getting back on the road. You don’t need an unwanted pit stop at this point in your life – drunk driving punishments in Washington are swift and merciless, so you need to move toward the checkered flag or risk being penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a case to trial, but every Tacoma racing charge demands its own unique defense strategy. The skilled lawyers at the law offices of criminal attorney, Jason S. Newcombe will be at your side throughout this trying process, ensuring that everything legally possible is being done to minimize your racing penalties.

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Criminal racing is a major point of emphasis in Pierce County. Our Tacoma criminal and reckless driving lawyers can help. Talk to an attorney now!
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